Hiking Trail from Maennlichen to Kleine Scheidegg

Where is this stunning hiking trail?

Maennlichen and Kleine Scheidegg are tourist spots in the center of the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. The hiking trail from Maennlichen to Kleine Scheidegg offers a marvelous view of the nearby mountains, most of them more than fourthousand meters high and snow covered.

Mt. Monech

4,107 meters high Moench in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

Starting Point is Maennlichen

Starting point is the Maennlichen plateau, which is 2230 meters above sea level. A 15 minutes walk from the station of the aerial cableway leads to the 2343 meters high summit.

Maennlichen Summit

Maennlichen plateau and the summit in the clouds.

However, we started in the opposite direction, towards Kleine Scheidegg. Soon, we passed a few cows that were lying in the grass and ruminating. The Eiger North Face in the background was hidden behind some clouds. It was a sunny day, only the Eiger North Face and a few of the higher summits were in the clouds.

Cow ruminating.

Cow laying in the grass while ruminating. In the background the Eiger North Face behind some clouds.

Hiking Equipment

Good hiking shoes with a treaded sole are a must on hiking trails in the Swiss alps. Always be prepared for a sudden weather change. We recommend to cary in a backpack the following equipment: Suncream, sunglasses, all-weather-jacket, rain trousers,  wool jacket, gloves, emergency rations, map and compass, knife, pocket lamp, flash light, packed lunch, water bottle, insect repellent, toilet paper, money, transport schedule, firestarter paper, matches.


The Panoramic Hiking Trail

The hiking trail from Maennlichen to Kleine Scheidegg follows the mountainsides of Tschuggen and Lauberhorn. It takes about one and a half hours to do this short route. The distance is 4.4 km and there is only a slight descent of 170 meters in height.

Hiking path towards Tschuggen

Hiking trail towards Tschuggen. In the background Eiger, Moench and part of Jungfrau.

In the above photo, we walk towards the 2521m high Tschuggen. The Lauberhorn is behind Tschuggen and cannot be seen in the photo. The hiking trail is following the left mountainside of Tschuggen. The whole way long, we have the impressive Eiger North Face in front of us. However, from the panoramic hiking trail, we enjoy also a great view of Grindelwald, Grosse Scheidegg and the mountains east of the mountain resort.

Grindelwald and Grosse Scheidegg

Grindelwald and Grosse Scheidegg with the mountains Wetterhorn, Maettenberg and Schreckhorn.

The mountain trail is passing some tricky places like a canyon with the danger of falling rocks or a steep cliff. Just follow the advice on the warning signs.

The hiking trail is passing a steep cliff.

The hiking trail is passing a steep cliff.

Finally, we arrive at Kleine Scheidegg, where the trains are waiting. Bring your camera with you. There are so many beautiful photos to shoot!

Kleine Scheidegg

A train of the Wengneralp Railway is waiting at Kleine Scheidegg station.




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