Bern, the capital of Switzerland

Bern is the capital of Switzerland. It is not a huge City, but a beaurtiful town. Everything is small and close together. I love Bern!

Bundesplatz with water feature, Café Fédéral and Baerenplatz in the background.

The old town of Bern

Shopping under the arches of the main street in the old town is real fun. It is pitoresque and the atmosphere is similar to that around the 1600’s. The old town is complete, all the houses are really old and and so is the town scape, which is original too.

Bern Spitalgasse. Shopping under the arches is real fun.

The Federal Palace

The Federal Palace is the site of the Swiss government and the two chambers of parliament.

The Federal Palace and the water feature on the Bundesplatz.

On the other side of the Federal Palace is the Bundesterrasse. From there, we enjoy a beautiful view over the river Aare and the lower part of Bern, called Marzili.


This video shows the best sides of the Swiss capital.

The river Aare

Weir and Marzili.

Some citizens spend many hours swimming in the Aare in summer.

River Aare.
Swimming in the river Aare is a popular sport in Bern.
The Federal Palace towers high above the Aare.

Kirchenfeld Bridge, Historical Museum and Einstein Museum.

Kirchenfeld Bridge.
Historical Museum and Einstein Museum.

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