Top 10 Tourist places in Thanjavur District for one day trip 2024


Thanjavur is a district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, known as the “Temple City.” There are many tourist places in Thanjavur district which are famous for their distinctive features and amazing scenery and suitable for one day trip. There is a world heritage site called ‘Great Living Chola Temple’ consisting of three ancient temples Brihadeshwara Temple, Gongai Konda Cholapuram Temple, Shri Airavatesvara Temple. In this blog, I have listed the top 10 tourist places in Thanjavur district for a day trip.

List of Top 10 tourist places in Thanjavur for one day trip 2022!

In this list of Thanjavur tourist places, one can find some of India’s most famous temples, some historical ruins and old artistic evidence of India, and some eco-tourism spots in Thanjavur.

  • Gangaikonda Cholapuram 
  • Brihadeeshwara Temple
  • Thanjavur Royal Palace
  • Thanjai Mamani Koil 
  • Saraswati Mahal Library 
  • Monar Fort 
  • Swami Malai temple 
  • Pudupattinam Beach 
  • Vijaynagar Fort
  • Shiv Ganga Garden

Places To Visit In Thanjavur For One Day Trip!

1. Gangai konda Cholapuram 

The Gangai Konda Cholapuram Temple is a well-maintained temple in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. It is a famous tourist place and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Thanjavur district. It is a part of the Great Living Chola Temples of Tamil Nadu. Here you can see a beautiful garden in front of the temple. The temple was built by king Rajendra Chola in 1035 AD. This temple is an architectural carving of India. The temple was built by King Rajendra Chola in 1035 AD. This temple is one of the outstanding architectural carvings of India. The entrance view of the temple is magnificent and there are two doorkeepers (Duarpal) statues at the entrance. The temple has a huge Nandi idol which looks amazing from the first floor of the temple.

2. Brihadeeshwara Temple

For tourists who love to explore the temple, it is one of the best tourist places in Thanjavur. The Brihadeshwara Temple was built between 1003 AD and 1010 AD by the Chola king RajaRaja 1. He was a great king who with his son Rajendra I conquered the South Indian mean land up to the mid-Indian Ocean and for this reason they are called the Emperor Chola’s. He was one of the best patrons of Dravidian art and architecture. The architecture of the temple reflects the complete development of the Dravidian style of architecture. The best thing to see here is Nandi statues and ancient paintings incorporated by Nayaks and Marathas. The monolithic statue of Nandi, about 12 feet high, is one of the most striking sculptures in the temple.

An interesting fact about this 16 story temple is that it was built only with large stones and no cement and other building materials were used. The Brihadeshwara Temple is one of the best places to visit in the Thanjavur district and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.

3. Thanjavur Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Thanjavur is famous for its paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, and photography. It is one of the best tourist places in Thanjavur district and if you are an art lover then it is a masterpiece and you will enjoy it here a lot. The Royal Palace is divided into different sections and the first section is the Royal Palace Museum. Here you will find a variety of statues, structures, and some old puja vessels. The upper wall of the palace is richly decorated with black and white floral designs, imperial crests, lions, and angles. Here you can see Marata Darbar Hall, next to the hall you will see antique paintings. In my opinion, this is one of the best places to visit in Thanjavur for one day trip. To enter the palace you have to buy a ticket worth Rs 50 and for video recording, you have to pay extra Rs 150.

4. Thanjai Mamani Koil

In my opinion, Thanjai Mamani Koil is one of the best tourist destinations in Thanjavur district for one day trip to Tamil Nadu. It is actually a set of three Vishnu temples within a kilometer, collectively called Divyadesam. These temples are Sri Nilmaga Perumal, Bir Narsingh Perumal and Thiru Manikundra Perumal. Here you will find idols of Lord Vishnu and his companions and other associated deities. To know MORE about Lord Vishnu, visit this place in Thanjavur.

5. Saraswati Mahal Library 

Saraswati Mahal Library is located in Thanjavur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Here you will find manuscripts in many languages ​​and rare collections of many historical books. Saraswati Mahal Library is the best and oldest library in Asia. If you are planning one day trip to Thanjavur district then this temple is definitely a tourist destination.

6. Monar Fort 

Monara Fort is a historical remark constructed by Marathi king Serfoji II situated 60km from Thanjavur District. It is a sky-touching 8-storied hexagonal-shaped tower surrounded by lush greenery. There is a beach near the fort which helps the tourist to indulge with several beach activities and also swimming. It is a must-visit tourist place in Thanjavur district if you love to explore historical monuments. 

7. Swami Malai Temple 

Swami Malai Temple is located in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most important temples of the Tamil people dedicated to Lord Murugan. The temple is well maintained and a less crowded tourist spot in the Thanjavur district. The temple is located on a hill where you have to climb 60 steps to see the god Murugan. To enter the temple you have to buy a ticket worth 50 rupees.

8. Pudupattinam Beach

It is a wonderful beach near the Thanjavur district in the state of Tamil Nadu. This beach is a copy of Chennai Marine. Here you can do some water activities, have a nice time watching the sunset, have fun with the family and enjoy the local food. There are many food vendors near the beach, that try to help the poor by buying food. If you are looking for a place for one day trip with your family, Pudupattinam beach is one of the top 10 tourist places in Thanjavur district.

9. Vijaynagar Fort

Vijayanagar Fort is a historical monument located in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu state. The fort was built by Nayaks in 1550 AD and later by the Marathas. Every year thousands of tourists visit Thanjavur to see the beautiful sculptures and ancient paintings at the Sangeeta Mahal Art Gallery. Here you can visit Shiva Ganga Garden to have fun with the kids and see the wildlife in the zoological park.

10. Shiv Ganga Garden

Shiv Ganga Garden is a well-maintained eco-park and a popular tourist place in Thanjavur district, located near the Brihadeshwara Temple. The park has lots of greenery and a water tank. The park has a play area for children which is equipped with many play items like a merry-go-round, cradle, etc. This is a place you should go to spend some quality time with your kids.

What to do in Thanjavur? / Plan For One Day Trip in Thanjavur. 

If you want to cover all these places in one day, you must first visit the three Chola temples to explore the ancient architecture. Visit Vijayanagar Fort along with trying to cover the Shiva Ganga Garden and Sangeeta Mahal Art Gallery to see the amazing ancient paintings and sculptures. You will also find a variety of wildlife at the Shiva Ganga Garden Zoological Park. In the evening you can visit Pudupattinam beach to watch the sunset and spend some quality time with nature.

How to reach Thanjavur?

Thanjavur is well connected to all the major cities of India like Bengaluru and Chennai by all three means of transport. 

Nearest Airport: Trichy Airport 55 km from Thanjavur. 

Nearest Railway Station: Trichy Junction about 

By road: Most of the buses of Thanjavur touch the major cities of Tamil Nadu like Kanyakumari, Madurai, Chennai, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tourist Places In Thanjavur For One Day Trip!

Q. Is Thanjavur worth visiting?

  • If you love to explore ancient art and architecture then it is a must-visit destination in Tamil Nadu. 

Q. What special in Thanjavur?

  • The Great Living Chola Temples are the famous tourist places in Thanjavur district and a World Heritage Site.

Q. What to do in Thanjavur?

  • If you are visiting Thanjavur you may visit one of the oldest libraries in Asia to explore the ancient scriptures. Buy Tanjore paintings and dolls, and spend some time in Pudupattinam Beach. 

Q. Tourist places near Thanjavur railway station?

  • Thiruvanajozhi Temple, Brihadeeswara Temple, and Cholan Art Village are some of the places near Thanjavur railway station.

Q. What is best about Thanjavur?

  • Thanjavur is home to one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites i.e, The Great Living Chola Temples. 
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